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Welcome to the Alumni section of our website and the Office of Institutional Advancement.  Institutional Advancement works with Admissions, Alumni, Development/Fundraising, Marketing/Communications and Special Events.  


Trinity High School has partnered with Publishing Concepts (PCI) to update our alumni directory and database.  A huge part of this process involves YOU.  In the coming days you will receive communication from Trinity, through PCI.

The Trinity alumni family has grown since the last printing of our alumni directory.  Much has occurred over the years and it’s time for us to update and publish a more accurate edition of our alumni directory.

Starting on December 1st, you will start receiving communication from PCI.  The communication will include a postcard mailing, email, and possibly a phone call.  The purpose of the communication is to verify and update your contact information.  During this process you will have the option to opt out, but we encourage everyone to participate so we can accurately update our alumni information.  You will have the opportunity to purchase a final directory of your own.  There is no purchase necessary to update your information.  We will not be requesting a donation as part of this update.  

If you have any questions about this directory project, you can contact PCI directly at the phone number listed on the postcard you will receive.  If you would like to speak with the Trinity  Advancement & Alumni Office, please call (603) 668-2910 ext. 226 or email us at

Thank you in advance for your support and participation.

Denise Daly Brewitt
Director, Institutional Advancement '90, P '16'17'20
Office of Institutional Advancement

Denise Daly Brewitt ‘90, P’16, P‘17, P ’20

(603) 668-2910 Ext. 226

Mrs. Judy Lauze P'04
Administrative Assistant
603.668.2910 Ext. 222

Our roots run deep...

St. Joe's for Boys
1886 - 1951

St. Joe's for Girls
1924 - 1965

St. George
1935 - 1966

St. Anthony
1935 - 1970

Bishop Bradley
1951 - 1970

1966 - 1970

Ste. Marie
1968 - 1973

1970 - Present