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Shadow Day Request Form

Frequently asked questions


What is a Shadow Day?

A Shadow Day is the perfect way for your student to experience life as a Pioneer! This allows your student to spend a day following one of our Trinity Student Ambassadors to class, lunch (we will provide a free lunch voucher for your student to eat in our cafeteria), and study periods. Throughout the day, they will meet teachers and current students and get a feel for what a day is like at Trinity. 

How long is a Shadow Day?

Our Shadow Days are typically full days and begin at 7:45 a.m. and run until 2:20 p.m. to ensure that your student expeiences what a full day is like at Trinity. 

Who will my student shadow?

When scheduling your Shadow Day, our Director of Admissions, Maria Feren, will ask about some of your student's interests. She will then match your student up with one of her Student Ambassadors who has similar interests.

Can my student shadow someone they know?

If your student already knows someone they would like to shadow, you can absolutely request it!