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Trinity High School, a Catholic, college-preparatory community, provides a safe and caring environment in which students seek and achieve personal and academic excellence and grow in faith. Our students combine learning with leadership through service to their faith, school, and community.

Most schools and organizations have mission statements. Mission statements can mean many things. In some cases, they are filled with "buzz words" meant to evoke a certain response by consumers. Those buzz words are often meant to help us feel the world will be better because we have purchased a certain product. That may or may not be true. We simply have to trust that there is truth in advertising.

At Trinity, we do more than simply publish our mission statement. We continually ask ourselves how we are living it. To help us do so, we have distilled from the mission statement the three pillars of our program: faith, scholarship, and character. Every aspect of the Trinity High School student experience must support the development of at least one of these pillars.

We suggest that you make a checklist based on those three pillars and on our mission statement. Use that checklist when you ask others about Trinity High School, when you come to the open house, or when you visit our school. Ask them about Trinity's Catholic identity, academic program, activities. Ask them how their student has benefited from their Trinity experience.

You will hear many stories from many who have experienced Trinity High School for themselves. It's in the telling of these individual stories that you will find the truth of our school and how the Trinity High School mission comes to life!


Our vision is a declaration of our aspirations and our guide for the future of Trinity High School. It is composed of our mission, guiding principles, and picture of the future.  Additionally, we have established five strategic priorities to address key issues and support the implementation for this vision. 

From our Alumni...

"I cannot tell you how much my decision to attend Trinity has impacted my life. I was so much better prepared for college than my peers. One of the most important lessons I learned at Trinity was how to think."

"Something that Trinity has that really stands out is their experienced, passionate, and approachable faculty. There wasn't a teacher in the building who didn't care deeply about the students."

"Trinity High School teachers treat teaching as a vocation rather than a job. As an alumna who grew up to be a teacher myself, I strive to emulate this every day."