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Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame inducts Manchester Catholic High Schools alumni from yesterday through today.  It was established to formally honor the memory and contributions of the many outstanding athletes, coaches, and supporters of our athletic programs. We are proud of our student athletes and the rich tradition of academic and athletic accomplishments our Catholic schools have achieved. The Hall of Fame serves as a symbol of our appreciation of the excellence, honor, and devotion displayed by these celebrated individuals and teams. We remember those who graduated from Trinity High School we also remember and thank our predecessors: St. Joseph's School for Boys, St. Joseph's School for Girls, St. Marie High School, St. Anthony High School, St. George High School, Immaculata High School and Bishop Bradley High School.

Nominations will open soon.  Check back here in the coming weeks for nomination process and criteria.  


Past Inductees

Class of 1985

Bob Camponon, St. Anthony’s ‘52

John “Doodie” Healy, St. Joseph’s ‘25

Lou Kirouac, Bishop Bradley ‘58

Bernard “Ben” Roy, St. Joseph’s ‘49

Jim Shaughnessy, St. Anthony’s ‘67

Class of 1986

Mary Thornton Battista, Teacher/Coach

Daniel “Sonny” Cronin, St. Joseph’s ‘51

Charles “Chuck” Duffley, St. Joseph’s‘46

Dan Duval, Trinity ‘76

Mark Telge, Bishop Bradley ‘64

Class of 1987

Lawrence “Larry” Cronin, St. Joseph’s ‘35

John Cullity, St. Joseph’s ‘47

Mike Lavalliere, Trinity ‘77

Dick Powers, Bishop Bradley ‘63

John “Jumbo” Reilly, St. Joseph’s ‘43

Class of 1988

Jack Gati, Bishop Bradley ‘70

Charles LaBadie, St. Joseph’s ‘30

Paul Lavigne, Bishop Bradley ‘62

Paul Martineau, Bishop Bradley ‘58

Bill Pare, St. Joseph’s 51

Class of 1989

Philip C. Baroody, St. Joseph’s ‘36

William Jennings, St. Joseph’s 42

Dick Loiselle, Bishop Bradley ‘56

Peter Reilly, Trinity ‘76

Robert Savage, St. Joseph’s ‘39

George W. Smith, St. Joseph’s ‘23

David Wenners, Bishop Bradley ‘63

Class of 1990

John J. Collins Jr., St. Joseph’s ‘32

Linda Dunn, Trinity ‘80

Frank Faggiano, Bishop Bradley ‘58

Douglas P. Mitchell, Sr., St. Joseph’s ‘43

Leo F. Muzeroll, St. Joseph’s ‘43

William P. Shea, St. Joseph’s ‘49

Thomas Woodring, Trinity ‘71

Class of 1991

Richard “Yogi” Cote, Bishop Bradley ‘54

Mary Leary, Trinity ‘79

Harold “Red” Larribee, St. Joseph’s 44

Ed McGee, Coach ’47-‘53

Bob Moquin, Trinity ‘77

Frankie O’Donnell, Coach ’59-‘66

Donald “Dykes” Palmer, BishopBradley‘57

Norm Roy, Se. Joseph’s ‘51

Tom Tessier, Bishop Bradley ‘56

Class of 1992

Fred Buffum, St. Joseph’s ‘32

Robert “Clutch” Cloutier, St. Anthony’s ‘54

Mike Gleason, Trinity ‘72

Colin O’Meara, Trinity ‘80

Roger Paquette, St. Anthony’s ‘54

Nancy Raczka, Trinity ‘80

Class of 1993

Al Bennett, St. Joseph’s ‘44

Chuck Brady, St. Joseph’s ‘42

Judy Barrett Currier, Trinity ‘81

Bill Genest, Bishop Bradley ‘56

Don Huot, Bishop Bradley ‘70

Paul Lemire, Trinity ‘77

Gary Palmer, Bishop Bradley ‘58

Class of 1994

Lewis Basquil, St. Joseph’s ‘35

Andre Baron, Ste. Marie ‘55

Jack Cronin, St. Joseph’s ‘48

Brian Harrington, Trinity ‘85

Pat O’Neil, Trinity ‘80

Pete Poirier, St. Anthony ‘53

Walter Tafe Sr., St. Joseph’s ‘24

Class of 1995

Walter “Salty” Brown, St. Joseph’s ‘44

Bob Kerrigan, Bishop Bradley ‘61

Gerry Kittredge, St. Joseph’s ‘48

Richard Laberge, St. Anthony ‘59

Guy Lavallierre, Ste. Marie ‘49

Brian Sanderson, Trinity ‘81

Class of 1996

Michael Frechette, Trinity ‘77

Nicholas Gardner, St. Joe’s/Bradley Coach

Robin Gordon, Immaculata ‘67

John Kelley, Trinity Coach ‘70

Robert Messier, Ste. Marie ‘53

James Murphy, Ste. Marie/Bradley Coach

David Paquette, Trinity ‘78

Gordie Welch, Bishop Bradley ‘57

Class of 1997

Pierre Bouchard, Trinity ‘74

Steve Duffley, Trinity ‘78

Bob Duvernay, St. Anthony ‘54

Paul Houle, Bishop Bradley ‘61

Tom Padden, St. Joseph’s ‘25

Ed Schibbelhuite, Trinity ‘75

Roger Vincent, Ste. Marie ‘52

Class of 1998

Roger Cloutier, Bishop Bradley ‘61

Bob Desruissequx, Ste. Marie ‘53

Stan Gosrski, Bishop Bradley ‘58

Bob Landry, St. Anthony ‘57

Matt McLaughlin, Trinity ‘76

Tom Mullen, Bishop Bradley ‘64

Nickey Provencher, Trinity ‘77


Class of 1999

Don Beleski, Trinity Coach

Helen Brena, Trinity ‘82

Kevin Emond, Trinity ‘79

Dick Hellings, Trinity Coach ’72-‘81

Mike McVeigh, Bishop Bradley ‘66

Frank Monahan, Bishop Bradley ‘58

Fred Ranger, St. Anthony Coach ’48-‘56

Class of 2000

Bob Beaudet, Trinity ‘78

Tim Fahey, Trinity ‘75

Paul Forest, St. Anthony ‘61

Betty Kudrick, Trinity Coach ’78-‘92

Andy Paul, Trinity ‘78

Gary Poltak, Trinity ‘78

Dan Shea, St. Joseph’s ‘43

Class of 2001

Jean Beliveau, Bishop Bradley ‘61

Chris Carpenter, Trinity ‘93

Larry Hartnett, St. Joseph’s ‘34

Roland Lamy, Ste. Marie ‘59

Don Lavertu, Ste. Marie ‘54

Frank McBride, Trinity ‘85

Ruth Roulx, St. Joseph’s ‘45

Class of 2002

Robert Bouchard, St. Anthony ‘58

Fenwick G. Fitzpatrick, St. Joseph’s ‘27

Brian Larochelle, Trinity ‘92

Dick Masson, Bishop Bradley ‘65

James A. McDonald Jr., Trinity ‘85

Carl R. Sack, Trinity ‘71

Mnsg. Leo St. Pierre, St. Anthony Coach

Class of 2003

Kevin Allen, Trinity ‘76

Chris Clark, Trinity ‘77

John “Jay” Healy, Trinity ‘90

Richard Kirouac, Bishop Bradley ‘57

Keith McDonald, Trinity ‘82

Kerrie Raymond, Trinity ‘96

Class of 2004

Paul Gelinas, Bishop Bradley ‘55

Art Gisonni, Trinity ‘86

Christopher “Kip” Griffin, Trinity ‘86

Edward Kissell, Bishop Bradley Coach

Edward Markey, Bishop Bradley ‘54

Matt Morrissey, Trinity ‘91

Charles “Chuck” Murray Jr., Trinity ‘72

John Velosky, Trinity ‘98

Class of 2005

Tim Cantwell, Trinity ‘97

Peter Foye, Trinity ‘92

Jeff Fulchino, Trinity ‘98

Jeremiah R. Johnson, Trinity ‘98

Philibert A. Ouellet, St. Anthony’s ‘55

Kristen Roy Taylor, Trinity ‘85

Philip Lance Williamson, Bish. Bradley ‘63

Class of 2006

Gary Chartrand, Trinity ‘72

Justin Fossbender, Trinity ‘91

Peter Kearns, Bishop Bradley ‘61

John Linehan, St. Joseph’s ‘38

Craig Payne, Trinity ‘94

Ken Sciacca, Trinity Coach ’72-‘76

Dave Van Mullen, Trinity ‘92

Class of 2007

Mike Cullinan, Bishop Bradley ‘60

David Flint, Trinity ‘92

Betsy Gott, Trinity ‘01

Jack Meehan, Trinity ‘79

Edward Murphy, Bishop Bradley ‘59

Paul Sheehan, Trinity ‘82

Danny Sullivan, St. Anthony ‘63

Class of 2008

Jan Caron, Trinity ‘02

Billy Gilbert, Bishop Bradley ‘65

Josh Grenier, Trinity ‘97

Jeff Kuhn, Trinity ‘99

Tim Leonard, Bishop Bradley ‘70

Ray Loiselle, Bishop Bradley ‘62

Lucien Trudeau, Bishop Bradley ‘59

Class of 2009

Lou D’Allesandro, Bradley Coach ’62-‘66

Peter Decato, Bishop Bradley ‘65

Joanne (Duffley) Dow, Trinity ‘82

A.J. Fradette, Trinity ‘99

John Hurley Jr., Trinity ‘86

Jordan Pouliot, Trinity ‘03

Tyler Shea, Trinity ‘99

Rick Williams, Trinity '79

Nicole Vailas, Trinity ‘02

Class of 2010

Scott Emmert, Trinity ‘89

Adam Godbout, Trinity ‘94

Paul Godbout, Trinity ‘92

Tim Hanagan, Bishop Bradley ‘69

Ken McDonald, Trinity Coach

Dan Mullen, Trinity ‘90

Jerry Spring, Bishop Bradley ‘62

Kathleen Twomey, Trinity ‘05

Class of 2011

James Bee, Trinity ‘76

Maryanne Hamilton Connolly, Trinity ‘77

Kelly Correia DePetrillo, Trinity ‘99

Robert Elliott, Bishop Bradley ‘67

Chris Kelliher, Trinity ‘98

Dan Kiestlinger, Bishop Bradley ‘66

John Young, Trinity ‘83

Class of 2012

Nicholas Ashooh, Trinity ‘72

Dennis Chenett, Trinity ‘02

Francesca Morrissey Hansen, Trinity ‘89

Anthony Haley, Bishop Bradley ‘63

Katie Larkin, Trinity ‘07

John Marcotte, Trinity ‘87

Patrick McCafferty, Trinity ‘80

Class of 2013

Tunji Awojobi, Trinity ‘93

Chris Brickley, Trinity ‘05

Marc Caron, Trinity ‘73

Jeff Chenard, Trinity ‘81

Mark Foley, Trinity ‘86

Dan Hanagan, Bishop Bradley ‘66

Shane LaPorte, Trinity ‘92

George Smith, Bishop Bradley ‘54

Class of 2014

Luke Bonner, Trinity, ‘04

Roger Godin, St. Anthony ‘56

John Hurley, Bishop Bradley ‘56

Roger Paradis, Bishop Bradley ‘54

Ed Poisson, Trinity Coach

Chris Roy, Trinity ‘87

Greg Wenger, Trinity ‘76

Class of 2015

Raymond “Lippy” DeRocher, Bradley ‘56

Eric Emmert, Trinity ‘92

John P. Falcone, Bishop Bradley ‘57

Jennifer Kalinowski Gray, Trinity ‘98

Mickey Hanagan, Bishop Bradley ‘58

Frank Landino, Trinity ‘05

Jill Roy, Trinity ‘90

Tom Thorne, Trinity ‘84

Class of 2016

Dylan Clark, Trinity ‘09

Jeff Guimont, Trinity ‘84

J.P. Harris, Trinity ‘95

Robert Loiselle, Bishop Bradley ‘64

Chris Lutz, Trinity ‘04

Connor Lyons, Trinity ‘10

Sean Lyons, Trinity ‘09

Ashley Wright, Trinity ‘07