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Campus Ministry

The Place

The Pope John Paul II Campus Ministry Center gives our students a place to gather in the course of a busy day and to speak with (and around) the Campus Minister - whose sole role is to provide them with the time and space for faith to grow outside the classroom and in moments of reflection. Beyond this, students also have the opportunity to visit Campus and grow in fellowship with those in their age group who are also on their own journey of faith. Whether it be during a game of ping-pong or spike ball or an engaging Scriptural reflection during a Women or Men’s Ministry meeting, all of Campus Ministry’s activities are geared towards shaping students into the faithful, joy-filled persons that God created them to be.

The Practice

Beyond activities during a regular school day, students may choose from a variety of outreach opportunities through which they can live out their faith. It may be through prayer, the planning of Masses, retreats, or other liturgical services, serving the community, and various charitable works and mission trips. These include, but are not limited to:

Visiting and writing letters to the residents of St. Teresa Nursing Home

Sharing a meal and playing with inner city children at ROCA Kidz Club

Raising money and/or donations for

The NH Food Bank

Our Place (a branch of NH Catholic Charities)

Families in Transition-New Horizons

St. Gianna’s Place

Running a huge Trunk or Treat event for local youth on the day before Halloween

Leading and/or partaking in a class retreat each year

Mission trips to St Francis Inn (Philadelphia) and the De La Salle Blackfeet School (Montana)

Various other activities: Leaf raking for the elderly, moving furniture for religious sisters, providing childcare at St. Catherine of Siena School during parent-teacher conferences, and so on.

Women and Men’s Ministries on alternating Wednesdays during lunch

A weekly rosary on Monday afternoons at 2:45pm and Wednesday mornings at 7:30am

The Purpose

Campus Ministry main purpose is to bring what the students learn in their Theology classes about loving God and neighbor to life. For, if Christ dwells in each person, then it is in the service to others that our students will encounter Him. Thus, while volunteering looks great on a college application, Campus Ministry’s activities are geared towards much more than that. Through their work, the students who involve themselves in Campus Ministry truly become the hands and feet of Christ as they live out His call in Matthew 25 to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, and care for the ill. 


Yearbook Testimonial...

My time at Trinity High School has given me the confidence to go to college. I greatly appreciate the assistance I was given through the college application process. What seemed like a daunting task became manageable thanks to the guidance I was given by the teachers. The teachers and curriculum allowed me to improve my grades and learning habits. I've learned to be organized, take notes, and understand the material taught in class. I want to thank everyone I've met at Trinity High School...