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The Place

The Pope John Paul II Campus Ministry Center gives our students a place to gather in the course of a busy day and to speak with (and around) someone whose sole function is to provide them with the time and space for faith to grow outside the classroom and in moments of reflection.

The Practice

Students may choose from a variety of activities through which they can live out their faith. It may be through the planning of Masses and other liturgical services, serving the community, and various charitable works such as NH Food Bank, New Horizons, NH Catholic Charities, Families in Transitions, St Francis Inn (Philadelphia), De La Salle Blackfeet School (Montana), food drives, clothing drives — to name but a few.

The Purpose

Service at Trinity is based on more than a desire to perform community service simply for its own sake. Our work is inspired by Matthew 25, whereupon Jesus instructed us to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, and care for the ill.

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Yearbook Testimonial...

My time at Trinity High School has given me the confidence to go to college. I greatly appreciate the assistance I was given through the college application process. What seemed like a daunting task became manageable thanks to the guidance I was given by the teachers. The teachers and curriculum allowed me to improve my grades and learning habits. I've learned to be organized, take notes, and understand the material taught in class. I want to thank everyone I've met at Trinity High School...