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Trinity Academic Program

Trinity High School's academic program is an important aspect of our total effort to foster our students' development in faith, scholarship, and character. The success of our academic program is perhaps most easily seen in the level of college acceptances and college scholarships that our graduates consistently achieve.

Acceptance to college and scholarships are significant. However, we work to develop in our students a value system that is anchored in our Catholic identity. We believe true scholarship includes integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic.

 In a Catholic school, scholarship is connected to who we are as people of faith and of character.

Our graduates consistently report a high level of preparedness even for the most rigorous of college programs. This is the result of acquiring more than a body of knowledge and a set of skills. Rather, it is the product of a strong work ethic and high benchmarks for success.

High achievement is always linked to high aspirations. In order for students to pursue lofty goals, they must be in an environment built upon the combination of support and rigor that encourages students of all abilities to strive for their very best.

In combination with supportive parents, we work to maintain an environment wherein all our students strive to attain their personal best. A competent faculty, academic support, and a rigorous curriculum create a well-focused high school experience.