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Fine Arts Courses include:

• 2D/3D Design
• Drawing and Painting
• Advanced Drawing and Painting
• 3D/Sculpture
• Advanced 3D/Sculpture
• Digital Arts
• Advanced Digital Arts
• Art Honors
• Art Honors - Special Topics

The Trinity performing arts experience includes: band, chorus, and drama, providing our students with a full complement of artistic activities to choose from. All three feature performances that amaze everyone with the depth and breadth of talent in our school. Students may participate in these activities for all four years and often blend their participation in one performing arts area with another or with activities outside visual or performing arts.

The goal of the Art Department is to give students a strong foundation in both Visual Art and Digital Media through identification and appreciation of Art throughout history; to enable them to make relevant connections between the Fine Arts and their global community; to nurture the technical and artistic skills and behaviors that develop self confidence and creative ownership of ideas and expressive concepts; and to encourage action through the use of visual communication skills to better our world.

The Art Department emphasizes the development of technical as well as critical thinking skills needed for students to communicate visually, expressively and effectively. Classes feature discipline-based objectives that include: process and production, critique and analysis, and aesthetics.