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Trinity's Hall of Honors was conceived to recognize alumni who serve as outstanding examples of lives invested in service to country, community, and faith. The examples of these alumni help us complete our mission by inspiring our students to think of success and happiness in terms of service to others and to ask ourselves how this world is a better place for our having been here. 
Do you know an alum who deserves to be recognized for outstanding service? If so, please email your recommendation to

2022 Hall of Honors ~ Tues., June 7, 2022

This year's inductee, Maurice 'Mo' Maurier '72

Join us for the 2022 Hall of Honors Induction Ceremony & Dinner on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, at the Executive Court Banquet Facility

This year's honoree has dedicated his teaching career to Trinity High School and the thousands of students who have entered his science lab. Mr. Maurier will be retiring at the end of this school year after 46 1/2 years of dedication and commitment!

Tickets are $45 per person, click here to purchase your tickets and/or make a donation towards a scholarship to be created in honor of Mr. Maurier for a rising senior with an aptitude for science as well as the naming of the Life Science Lab.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, June 1st. Click Here for ticker

A few surprises have been planned for the evening in addition to the Hall of Honors induction.  

Mrs. Carolyn Trachim would like former Chorus members to email her,, regarding the June 7th event and has a message below for all to share their memories, thoughts, and well wishes for Mr. Maurier:


Past Honorees


Rear Admiral Arthur J. Lawrence, Bishop Bradley High School, Class of 1965

Gary & Nancy Piecuch Chartand, Trinity High School, Class of 1972

Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix ISPX, Trinity High School, Class of 1975


Nicholas Ashooh, Trinity High School, Class of 1972

Nancy L. Parenteau, Trinity High School, Class of 1972

Ovide Lamontagne, Trinity High School, Class of 1975


Daniel Mullen, Trinity High School, Class of 1990

Shannon Cappone Kirk, Trinity High School, Class of 1991

Kathleen Rice Orshak, Immaculata High School, Class of 1969


Walter Ordway, Bishop Bradley High School, Class of 1960

Sister Anthony de Lourdes, Trinity High School, Class of 1972

Jane E. Young, Trinity High School, Class of 1982


Denis Mailloux, Trinity High School, Class of 1972


Frederick A. Jakobiec MD, DSc, Bishop Bradley High School, Class of 1960

The McHugh Family
Kevin T. McHugh, (posthumously), Bishop Bradley High School, Class of 1952
Lea Mariseau McHugh, Saint Marie High School, Class of 1955
Brian McHugh, Trinity High School, Class of 1993
Thomas McHugh, Trinity High School, Class of 1990
Mary Beth McHugh Vozzella, Trinity High School, Class of 1987


Elizabeth Crawford Brooke PhD, Trinity High School, Class of 1990 ‚Äč

The Honorable Richard E. Galway, Bishop Bradley High School, Class of 1961

 Monsignor John Quinn, Bishop Bradley High School, Class of 1960

See Who's Coming as of May 14:
Derick Alexandre   
Annika Anderson   
Matt Arnold
David Bishop         
Trent Bosquet       
Michael Boutselis   
David & Michele Boyd P'17'22
Paul Boyd '17
Theo Boyd '22
Denise Daly Brewitt '90/P'16'17'22      
Amber Byron         
Monique Cairns '03
Matt Carnevale      
Nina Caruso
Catherine Collard '03
Miranda Comiskey 
Mike Connell '90   
Nancy Doucet P'18'20
Sara Doucet ‘20
Daniel Evans '22    
Marisol & Matt Evans P'22
Kevin Fraser '89P'14'18'20
Steve & Cathy Gadecki P'10'12'13'15'17
Fr. David Gagnon '11      
Maria Giberti         
Zach Gray   
Megan Guerra P'23
Mike Healy '78
Robert Healy '59    
Judy Lauze P'02
Andrew Lavoie      
Deb LeBlond P'16 
AJ Lemarier
Sarah Levesque      
Ivy Levine   
Timothy Lolicata '89
Ron & Linda Losier         
Mike Martinez        
Mo Maurier '72      
Julie McElroy         
Beth McFadden Campbell '03
Don Mullen 
Marigrace O'Leary P'07    
Jessica Plummer '01
Andrea Riley P'22  
Theressa Risdal      
Corinne Robinson '18
Kathie & Mark Roy P'19
Nicholas Roy '19
Tom & Mary Lynn Sacerdote     
Kaari  Schrader      
Kim & John Schwamb P'15'17'19'23
Donna Sewall P'22'24
Sarah Sewall '24
Louis Sievers
Finnian Smith '21
Pat & Kimberly Smith P'21'22
Tim Stap      
Tom Tatterfield     
Abbey Thompson '14       
Carolyn Trachim P' 08'10
Lisa Twitchell '86/P'18'20
Mary Lou & Steven Twomey P'01'04'05'07'13
Danielle Waldrupe 
Mia Webber '21
Shauna Webber P'21'23
Karen Weidner
Lily Woo