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Welcome to Trinity High School

We hope you are able to find enough information here to answer your basic questions about our programs and student life. We consider this website to be only the "front door" to our school and hope you will want to enter and learn what words and images alone cannot convey.

We look forward to meeting you and invite you to visit to our school and experience the qualities that set Trinity apart from other high schools. Students and parents constantly remind us of the importance of our strong Catholic, academic, and social community — or as they often express it — family.

Ask current or past Trinity families about their Trinity experience. Ask them how well the students are prepared for college. Ask them how they feel about Trinity. Ask them why they feel Trinity has been the right choice for them. Those families know our school from the inside. They know what's behind the front door, and they can best tell the Trinity story!

Steve Gadecki P'10,'12,'13,'15,'17



From Parents…

“I always love receiving any (Trinity) mailing since they are so professional, remind of us of present and former students who are part of the Trinity family, and make us truly appreciate the choices we have made to send our kids to St. Joe's and Trinity.  We are so grateful for all the opportunities we have and how we have seen not only our own children grow, but their friends and many former students of mine.”

"A belated but sincere Thank You! to the faculty and staff of Trinity High School for the role you played in our daughters' lives."

"Each of our Trinity grads is coming into her own as responsible,  compassionate, young adults. We count ourselves fortunate - indeed blessed - to have had our daughters educated at Trinity High School. Please share our gratitude with the Pioneer Family."

  • Student Involvement

    Student Council 5%
    National Honor Society 20%
    Athletics 70%
    Drama 20%
    Band 15% 
    Math Club 5%
    Robotics 20%
    National Art Honor Society 10%
    Campus Ministry 30%
    Class Leadership 10%
    Other 10%