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When you see (virtually or in-person!) Brooke Harnden or Erin Cusson, you may bask in the glow of their creative bliss this month as:


Brooke took Second Place (Ages 13-15) in the Nashua Area Artists Association East Show (Emerging Art Student Talent)! Nashua Area Artists Association is a very discerning group so this is fantastic that she has their eye early! Brooke's watercolor talents are getting better and better; she is an avid all-around two-dimensional artist with great acrylic skills as well (see her Bob Ross night work below too!).


Erin garnered an Honorable Mention for her Digital Art "Astronaut" in the 2021 New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards Competition, displayed virtually this year (opening date TBA). I am constantly amazed and encouraged by Erin's gift for scientific illustration with a touch for imaginative fantasy, and feel that she has a book (or an animated film, or a PBS show!) in her just waiting - I think there's even a production crew growing around here somewhere . . . :D Erin's partially completed Bob Ross work is included below as well. 


Enjoy, and congratulations to Brooke and Erin!


Two Trinity NAHS Art Award Winners!