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Our Lasallian Heritage

Trinity High School’s roots date back to 1679 when a young French priest named John Baptist de la Salle began a religious order of men dedicated to education, especially of the poor. Father de la Salle came from a wealthy family in Reims, France and held a prestigious post at the cathedral in Reims. In 1679, he happened to meet a teacher named Adrian Nyel who was looking for support for a school to educate poor boys. Moved by the plight of those poor boys who lacked the resources to receive an education, Father de la Salle agreed to help Nyel and provided many financial resources to train teachers and to operate schools. Eventually, the teachers moved into Father de la Salle’s home and they became the first members of what would become the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (the Christian Brothers). The order quickly spread throughout France and was formerly approved by Pope Benedict XIII in 1725 and was noted for its unique and innovative educational ideas such as classroom instruction, leveling, teaching in the vernacular, and mission-bound schools.

The Christian Brothers first came to the United States in 1845 and established schools along the East Coast. Aware of the order's reputation for providing outstanding Catholic education, Bishop Denis Bradley, the first bishop of Manchester, invited the Christian Brothers to come to Manchester in 1886 to staff St. Joseph's High School for Boys, a new high school on Lowell Street and affiliated with St. Joseph Cathedral. St. Joseph's was a small school but was a powerhouse in academics and athletics. Hundreds of "Brother's Boys" went on to distinguished careers in law, business, government, and the Church. In its first few years of existence, seven spots at West Point went to graduates of St. Joseph's.

In 1950, St. Joseph's High School for Boys moved to a new location at 581 Bridge Street and was renamed Bishop Bradley High School in honor of our diocese's first bishop. A home for the Christian Brothers was built on campus and was dedicated in 1961. Bishop Bradley thrived but due to declining vocations and changing demographics, the number of Christian Brothers teaching at Bishop Bradley began to dwindle and in 1970, the school merged with two other Catholic high schools creating a new school called Trinity High School. By 1978, only three brothers remained in Manchester and at the end of that school year, they left Trinity.

For nearly 100 years, untold number of Christian Brothers gave of themselves to form and teach thousands of young men and women of Manchester. They left behind a legacy of outstanding teaching and formation in the Catholic faith.

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The Five Goals of Lasallian Education give expression and focus to the Lasallian character of our educational ministries.  Each of these five goals reflects an essential aspect of the vision and heritage of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and the Lasallian Mission. They serve as the basis for reflection and discussion in each school, guiding the assessment of the many ways the school embodies the vision of St. John Baptist de La Salle in its practices today through curricular and co-curricular activities.
We Instill Gospel Values.
We Are Animated By and Foster a Spirit of Faith and Zeal.
We Develop and Maintain Diverse Programs Meeting Recognized Standards of Excellence
We Create and Sustain Respectful Human Relationships in Community.
We Exercise a Preferential Option for the Poor.

The Words of St. John Baptist De La Salle...

"Wherever I go, I will find you God."

"Often remind yourself that you are in the presence of God."

"Learn from Jesus by often being in his company."

"Walk along God's path."

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