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To support the THSPG 2020-21 efforts for Faculty Appreciation, you may donate directly through the link, here.

For questions, ideas or looking for more information, just email us at

​​​​The Trinity Parent Group is open to all parents and teachers of Trinity High School. The purpose of the Parent Group is to help our Trinity community with various events during the school year as well as provide opportunities to meet other parents. Social events for Trinity parents are organized throughout the school year.

This is a very different year for our group.  Many of the activities and events we support, are postponed, canceled or taking a different format in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. So our focus this year is on Faculty & Staff Appreciation.

The Parent Group comprises an Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs) and several committees: Admissions, Arts/Drama, Athletics, Fundraising, Social, Spiritual, Teacher Appreciation.  We are looking for volunteers to help us throughout the year in any capacity.  

2020-2021 THSPG Executive Committee

President: Nicki Rosenthall
Vice-President: Joanne Tomko
Secretary: Open
Committee Chairs:
Fundraising: Shayne Durant/ Morgan Guinta
Social: Diana Johnson
Athletics: Open
Teacher Appreciation: Open
Arts/Drama: Michele Boyd
Admissions: Jennifer Bouchard
Spiritual: Laura El-Azem


October 5, 2020 THSPG Meeting Agenda