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​​​​The Trinity Parent Group is open to all parents and teachers of Trinity High School. Our meetings are held in Alumni Hall for approximately 1 hour (depending on what is on the agenda or if a guest speaker is scheduled.) The purpose of the Parent Group is to help our Trinity community with various events during the school year as well as provide opportunities to meet other parents. Social events for Trinity parents are organized throughout the school year.

The Parent Group comprises an Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs) and several committees:  Admissions, Arts/Drama, Athletics, Fundraising, Social, Spiritual, Teacher Appreciation.  In addition to assisting with one or more committees there are also several volunteer opportunities that occur throughout the year.  The Parent Group President contacts interested parents when volunteers are needed for events or activities such as the Freshman BBQ, in Campus Ministry. Senior Fashion Show, etc.