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Good morning Trinity community,

I hope this email finds you and your family well.  

In my June 18th communication (found here) I emphasized that Trinity planned to have classes in our building in the fall, and this was reiterated this past week throughout the local news.  The administration has met with a committee of teachers, health professionals, parents and students and has created a preliminary re-opening plan Trinity is adopting for the fall. This plan will be updated prior to its adoption and tweaked as necessary, but I wanted to make you aware of some major points of the plan.  They are as follows.

All persons in the building will be required to wear masks with the following exceptions:

  • Students in class sizes of 15 or less will be permitted to remove their masks while seated at their desks.
  • Students seated at the cafeteria tables for lunch and study hall.

Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the building and in classrooms. We also suggest that students bring their own sanitizers for their convenience.

Desks and surfaces will be disinfected after each has been used.  We are purchasing disinfectants, but we would like each student to bring their own disinfecting wipes or spray with them.  Given the sparsity of disinfecting materials we suggest that you purchase them as soon as possible.

There will be a custodial staff member cleaning the bathrooms, cafeteria and common touch surfaces throughout the day.

All persons entering the building will have their temperature checked.  Any temperature of above 100 will require a recheck.  If the temperature remains above 100, the individual will not be permitted in the building.  If a student needs to wait for a ride, he/she will be kept in an isolated health room dedicated to coronavirus concerns.

Trinity will implement a block schedule four days of the week.  This will limit the number of passing times in the halls as well as allow for four lunches in the cafeteria.  On the fifth day (Wednesday) all classes will meet (we will call this our skinny schedule), but the lunch mod will be extended to accommodate four lunches.  Whenever there is a skinny schedule the school day will end at 2:45.

Each classroom will be equipped with video and audio capabilities to facilitate remote learning.  Students who are not feeling well are expected to stay home and participate online health permitting.

Anyone who is COVID-19 positive will be required to stay home until medically cleared to return to school. 

More details will be shared as the plan becomes finalized, but I wanted to provide an update as we progress towards re-opening in the fall.

Stay safe and God's peace,

Steve Gadecki