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Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Directory 2018-2019

Main Office                             603-668-2910

Fax                                            603-668-2913

Main Office Absence/Tardy       603-668-2910   Ext. 211



Steven Gadecki, M.S., Principal, Ext. 212

Patrick Smith, M.Ed., Assistant Principal, Ext. 218

Academic &
College Planning        603-668-2910     Ext. 213

Admissions               603-668-2910     Ext. 226

Advancement            603-668-2910     Ext. 230

Athletics                   603-668-2910     Ext. 220

Alumni                      603-668-2910     Ext. 221

Business Office         603-668-2910     Ext. 217

Cafeteria                   603-668-2910     Ext. 223

Communications       603-668-2910     Ext. 230 

Campus Ministry       603-668-2910     Ext. 229

Health Office             603-668-2910     Ext. 219


Denise Brewitt '90, B.A., Director of Admissions, Ext. 226

Michael Connell '90, B.A., Alumni & Development Director, Ext. 221

Don Mullen, M.Ed., Director of Academic & College Planning, Ext. 215

Chip Polak, B.A., Athletics Director, Ext. 220

Mary Lou Twomey, B.A., Business Manager, Ext. 217

Karen Weidner, M.B.A., Director of Institutional Advancement, Ext. 230



Judy Krassowski, M.Ed.



Chairperson: Danielle Doyle, B.A.

Helena Brearley, M.A.

Karen Courter, M.A.

Michael Boutselis, M.Ed.


Academic & College Planning:

Don Mullen, M.Ed., Director of Academic & College Planning, Ext. 215

Ronald Losier, M.Ed.

Kim Schwamb, B.A.,



Chairperson: Carolyn Trachim, B.S.

Matthew Arnold, B.S.

Louis Sievers, M.Ed.

Deborah LeBlond, B.S.



Jeff Jenkins, B.M.



Chairperson: Maurice Maurier, M.S.

Steven Chervincky, M.S.

Steven Heifetz, Ph.D.

Michael Martinez, M.S.

Joseph Pouliot, B.S.


Social Studies:

Chairperson: Gary Leonard, B.A.

Amber Byron, M.A.

Marigrace O'Leary, M.A., CMHC



Derick Alexandre, M.A.

Matthew Carnevale, J.D.

Abbey Thompson '14, B.A.

Rev. Jeffrey Paveglio, Chaplain


World Languages

Chairperson: Miranda Comiskey, B.A.

Megan Guerra, M.Ed.

Daniel O'Leary, M.Ed.

Cesar Toala, M.Ed.



Kim Schwamb, Registrar, Ext. 213 

Lisa Twitchell '86, B.S., Attendance Officer & Executive Assistant, Ext. 211   

Ray Clement, Facilities, Ext. 227

Ed Poisson, Facilities

Zachary Gray, Technology & Support, Ext. 233

David Caponigro, Health Officer & Trainer Ext. 219

Michael Healy, Driver Education  603-668-2910




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