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From the Principal

You might wonder what principals think about. I can’t speak for others, but I can share with you what matters most to me as the steward of this great school. 

Foremost is the fact that we are a Catholic school. Our Catholic identity goes beyond the religion curriculum, liturgical worship, and campus ministry alone. In ways too numerous to name here, our identity as a Catholic school permeates who we are, right down to the sense of family that people speak so highly of. I believe — we as a school believe — that faith is essential to the living of a good life. This is why we say that faith is the first pillar of our program.

As we are a school, I look for great teaching — moments where students learn because they are invited and challenged to do so. Being prepared for college and for life is much more than acquiring a body of knowledge or a set of skills. It’s about learning to think and about being inspired to do so. This is why we say scholarship is the next pillar of our program.

Student experiences outside the classroom are where our students practice what they learn of their faith and of scholarship. This may be on the court or field, in other activities, and in campus ministry. This, we call character.

At Trinity, faith, scholarship and character aren’t “buzz words.” They are what we are made of.

Yours in Pioneer Pride,

Denis Mailloux


From Parents...

"When other parents ask me how I like Trinity, my answer is always the same. 'It was the best decision I could have made.' For my son and daughter, the environment is guiding them to their best educational potential. The kids are allowed to be teenagers, but teenagers who are held to a higher standard."

"I cannot express how grateful we are for the wonderful experience that both our children enjoyed while at Trinity... From the academics to the mentoring and friendships as well as spiritual fellowship, Trinity has played a big role in shaping and affirming their confidence and beliefs."

From a Teacher...

"It's great to come to work each day. These students want to learn. They are serious about what the are doing. I've taught in four different communities, and there is a level of maturity here that doesn't exist in other places. These students are thankful and respectful. They're motivated. I love working with them."

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